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Friday, 26 October 2012

How to remove registry of IDM from my PC

How to remove registry of IDM from my PC

Just chil................................

1. Go to Start / Run...
2. Type : "regedit"
3. Press Enter
4. Press F3
5. Make sure that "Keys, Values and Data" are all checked
6. Under "Find what" type the name of the program or the name of the company who made the program
7. Press Enter
8. Now look closely... If it finds any map of that program, its gonna be on the left, if it finds any registry key, its gonna be on the right.
9. Once it finds something, look very closely on it, if it really belongs to that program. Look at the map, check if the location of the map is right, if the name is right, look under Data... It usually does belong to it, but you never know.
10. If it does, delete both, map and registry key. Simply press Delete button and click Yes.
11. When you delete/leave that key/map it finds, press F3 again to browse for another key. Check it, then delete/leave it, and press F3 again. And so on.
12. Keep clicking F3 and deleting registry keys and maps, until you get the message : "Finished searching through the registry".

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