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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Create a Simple PHP Shell Command Terminal

Create a Simple PHP Shell Command Terminal

In this thread I (TechLab) will show you how to make a Super simple php command line shell.
This is similar to my X-Small shell which is under 200 bytes.

All credits go to Me TechLab!!!

To Begin
You need:

!# Basic html knowledge
!# A PHP host (in my case I am using a localhost)
!# And a brain (im my case I am using....)

First, create a php file and call it something such as shell.php.

Open it in a text editor.

Now, start the php with the opening and closing brakets:
PHP Code:
<?php // code will go in here except for the html and calling the php function.?>

In the php brackets we will create a php function and call it exec_cmd and add a if isset function to check to see if we have submitted any command:
PHP Code:

Friday, 26 October 2012

100% Working Bot ♥ Latest 2012♥Tricks

☼ 100% Working Bot ♥ Latest 2012♥Tricks ☼ 

Tricks gator
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            e.g. (
  • afterall Open your Downloaded Software and click on Enable Proxy On the Left side Like Click on these ( .... ) and Uplaod your Document here.
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GTA Vice City IV 4 Full Version Pc Games

GTA Vice City IV 4 Full Version Pc Games Free Download

Download Grand Theft Auto IV ( GTA Vice City 4) Cracked Full Version Free For PC By, Rockstargames.
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Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto IV follows the story of Niko Bellic, an illegal immigrant and veteran of the Bosnian War. After persuasion from his cousin Roman, who immigrated to America years prior to the game’s opening, Niko leaves Eastern Europe to come to Liberty City, where he hopes to forget his criminal past and pursue the American Dream. After his arrival, however, Niko quickly learns that Roman’s tales of riches and luxury were lies concealing Roman’s struggles with debt and gangsters. Niko aids Roman in his troubles while hoping to carve out a new life for himself in the city.

How to remove registry of IDM from my PC

How to remove registry of IDM from my PC

Just chil................................

1. Go to Start / Run...
2. Type : "regedit"
3. Press Enter
4. Press F3
5. Make sure that "Keys, Values and Data" are all checked
6. Under "Find what" type the name of the program or the name of the company who made the program
7. Press Enter
8. Now look closely... If it finds any map of that program, its gonna be on the left, if it finds any registry key, its gonna be on the right.
9. Once it finds something, look very closely on it, if it really belongs to that program. Look at the map, check if the location of the map is right, if the name is right, look under Data... It usually does belong to it, but you never know.
10. If it does, delete both, map and registry key. Simply press Delete button and click Yes.
11. When you delete/leave that key/map it finds, press F3 again to browse for another key. Check it, then delete/leave it, and press F3 again. And so on.
12. Keep clicking F3 and deleting registry keys and maps, until you get the message : "Finished searching through the registry".

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Recover your personal deleted file from your pc

Recover your personal deleted file from your pc

want to recover your lost files ?No problemb .i give u the softwere for recover all kind of deleted file from your pc.

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rar file passward - 3090

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post empty command in facebook

Post empty command in facebook

Post empty comments and updates on your Facebook Account...!!!

Go to the status update field.
Press and Keep holding Alt key and type 0173.
Now release the Alt key and post.
The same trick works to post empty comments also

MAGIC TRICK in facebook


 When u chating with friend just copy this code in your chat box & see the magic


Post Your Message To All Facebook Groups In a Single Click!!!

Post Your Message To All Facebook Groups In a Single Click!!!

Hello friends..

Today i will show You a Trick By Which You can Able To Post Your message In All Or Selected Facebook Groups Of Your List In a Single Click.This Is a Small But Powerful Trick You Can Use This To promote Your Blog To All Facebook Groups.But Please Don't Misuse this Trick To Spam Alot.

So Lets Start The Trick..

STEP 1: Go To here

STEP 2: Login To Your Facebook Account By using Fconnect Button.After That You will See Something Like This.

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Monday, 22 October 2012

send free sms to your friend from gmail

send free sms to your friend from gmail

I can't say how many of you are bothered about it, but its true. You can nowsend free SMS to your friends from Gmail. You might surprise that you can send this SMS from your normal chat box in Gmail. Your friend can also reply via SMS and those reply will come in the chat box. Google will not charge even a single penny for this service. However if anybody reply back to Google chat via SMS then standard SMS charge will be applied for the person who has send the message.

How to do it ?

First you have to enable the text SMS service in your Gmail. To do it click on the gear icon present at the top right of your Gmail and click on settings. Then go to Labs tab. In Labs tab search for SMS (text messaging) in Chat and make it enable. After enabling you can start sending SMS by any of the following two methods.
  • The first one is, just hover your mouse on the friends list and then click on the arrow icon present at the bottom right of the pop up. Then click on Send SMS link. If the person has not has added his/her phone number then Gmail will ask you to enter the phone number.
Send SMS
  • The other is, simply open the chat box in Gmail and then click on the More buttonpresent at the top left of the chat box. Then click on the link send text SMS.
  • If you gone through any of the above two steps then you are ready to send SMS. Just write something in the chat box and hit enter. The message will be automatically sent to the person.
Can you send unlimited SMS ?

The answer is no. At starting Google will give you a credit of 50 SMS. Every time you send an SMS the credit will be reduced by one. Every time you receive a reply from a phone number your credit will be increased by five.

Can you purchase credits ?

Yes you can purchase credit but not in a direct way. You can purchase it by an indirect method. When your credit goes very low, you can send an SMS to your own phone and then start replying to the same SMS multiple times. For each reply your credit will increase by 5. Considering about India if you are replying 10 times means you are spending 5 Rupees with 50 paise per SMS. But in the return you will get 50 SMS credits in your Gmail.

Note: In India the supported mobile operators for this service are Aircel, IDEA, Loop Mobile, MTS, Reliance, Tata DoCoMo, Tata indicom, Vodafone (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Gujarat, A.P, Bihar, W.B. & A & N, Assam, N.E.).

see bengali fonts in mobile via opera mini....

opera mini tricks........

1. go to : download opera mini and install3. now, open opera mini & write in address bar ..... opera:config 4. look at option 3 (use bitmap fonts for complex scripts). make it "yes"


Friday, 19 October 2012

Airtel tricks......................

free internet in india..............
working fine >>>>>>>>>>>>>

tested by me.......................>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

AIRCEL TRICKS: keep balane less 1rs & dial *122*3344# after sometime u will get a message about your plan check your data by dialing *126*4# &*126*6# & u will get 2.5gb+250mb data free