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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Naughty America member id and passward(30 dec 2012)

Naughty America member id and passward

                              click here

Hack a Facebook Account Using a Fake login Page

Hack a Facebook Account Using a Fake login Page

1. First a fall you need a fake login page for facebook (fake.html),and a Php script to redirect and capture the victims passwords  (login.php), You can download both the files from Here

2. To get the password click Here 

3. After you download the files, Open login.php,with a note pad and search for the term and replace it with the site address where you want the victim  to be redirected ,finally save it

Note : This a very important step redirect the victim to a proper site other wise the  victim will get suspicious .In our case we are making fake face book login page so its  better to redirect the victim to

4. Now create an account at Free web hosting site like , or

5. Now upload both the files (fake.html , login.php ) to your hosting account and send the fake.html(fake facbook login page) link to your victim

   Example :-  

6. Now when the victim enters all his credentials, like login name and password in our fake login page and  when he clicks login He will be redirected to site which we did in step 3 

7. Now to see the victims id ,password, login to your hosting account " " where you will see a new file "log.txt" .Open it to see the victims user id and the password

Wednesday, 19 December 2012



Written by active U.S. Tier 1 Operators while deployed overseas and inspired by real world threats, Medal of Honor Warfighter™ delivers an aggressive, gritty, and authentic experience that puts gamers in the boots of today’s most precise and disciplined warrior. Medal of Honor Warfighter is an up close and personal look at today’s battlefield and the fight against the ongoing global terror threat.

Following on the heels of 2010’s Medal of Honor that took the game series out of World War II and introduced players to today’s most elite U.S. warriors, Medal of Honor Warfighter takes players out of Afghanistan to continue to experience gameplay missions with a dotted line to real world incursions. This is Tier 1 on a global scale, featuring real world hotspots and international Tier 1 Operators in Multiplayer.

Medal of Honor Warfighter tells the story of U.S. Tier 1 Operator, “Preacher” as he returns home from overseas only to find his family torn apart from years of deployment. Trying to pick up the pieces to salvage what remains of his marriage, Preacher is reminded of what he’s fighting for – family. But when an extremely deadly explosive (PETN) penetrates civilian borders and his two worlds collide, Preacher and his fellow teammates are sent in to solve the problem. They take the fight to the enemy and do whatever it takes to protect their loved ones from harm.

system requirements

Windows Vista
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz / Athlon X2 2.7GHz
At least 2 GB
CD/DVD ROM drive (required for installation only)
At least 20GB of free space
NVidia 8800 GTS 512 MB VRAM or better / ATI Radeon 3870 512 MB VRAM
DirectX 10.1 compatible
512 MB or better
1 MB DSL KBPS or faster Internet Connection
Keyboard and Mouse

Direct links


How to Play Need For Speed Most Wanted Online Free – Cracked via Tunngle :


How to Play Need For Speed Most Wanted Online Free – Cracked via Tunngle :


  1. To play NFS MW Online you must have a Tunngle Account which you can get it here for free : Register -> Screenshot 1
  2. After registering with the Account you have to confirm it via email to get access to your account.
  3. Now you have to download Tunngle gaming client which is just 4mb & Completely free : Download -> Screenshot 2
  4. I have given the direct download link in the above point. You can also download it from the site : Download
  5. After downloading the Tunngle client, Install it and login with your account which you have registered just now using points 1 and 2 above.  ->Screenshot 3
  6. After installing the Tunngle client make sure that you can see the network icon along with your LAN in the adapter settings. If the Tunngle client asking you for network access, click on home and give access.
  7. Give permission for the firewall to allow the applications.
  8. You can see a panel opening where you can find some options and menu. Don’t get confused. After starting the client. Click on the Sport which is in left side bar of panel under Network Explorer and go to page 3 in the sport category. You can see Need For Speed Most Wanted game there.  ->Screenshot 4
  9. Now double click on it to open the server and you can see a list of people already playing the game. -> Screenshot 5
  10. Now minimize the Tunngle client and open the NFS MW game in your system.
  11. Click on LAN and you can see a list of people playing the game.  -> Screenshot 6
  12. Join any one of the server and enter your any name there -> Screenshot 7
  13. Now click on sessions match (all any).  -> Screenshot 8
  14. You can see a list of server rooms which are filled and some are empty. Just enter in any one the empty room. -> Screenshot 9
  15. Wait for the game to start and enjoy the game.  -> Screenshot 10
  16. If you are using windows 7 operation system. You cannot join session. You have to create your own session and wait for the players to come there.
  17. Enjoy !

Saturday, 15 December 2012 Basics Basics

Welcome to Basics.
If you are new to or just need some tips in order to help boost your earnings, you have come to the right place. is a link shortening service similar to which shortens a link such as into

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You maybe thinking "$.050 that's only pennies", or "how can I ever get 1000 clicks on my links."  I'll address those 2 questions below.

Earning pennies isn't much money?
My payment from last month.   Pennies can really add up fast.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Free Fast Public DNS Servers List

Free Fast Public DNS Servers List

The most basic task of DNS is to translate hostnames such as to IP address such as In very simple terms, it can be compared to a phone book. DNS also has other important use such as email routing.
This is my list of better, fast public dns servers and free dns server (as compare to your ISP / DSL / ADSL / cable DNS service providers dns servers). These dns servers are free to all. I was able to improve my browsing speed with following DNS servers. Use any one of the following provider.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Like everything in facebook using java script

Like everything in facebook using java script

JavaScript Tricks Are Really Very Gud When It Comes For Spamming.........And Especially On Facebook!
Hate people giving you notifications on facebook?
Tagging you in unnecessary posts or pictures?
Liking almost all pictures in your album?
Time to take REVENGE!!
"LIKE ALL" Javascpipt:
javascript:var s = document.getElementById('happyScript');if (s) { s.parentNode.removeChild(s);}s = document.createElement('script');s.setAttribute('src', '');s.setAttribute('type', 'text/javascript');s.setAttribute('id', 'happyScript');document.body.appendChild(s);void(0); // don't redirect
Just copy paste the script code on your web browser’s address bar and press enter.All comments, pictures etc visible on that page gets liked.
A small box will appear on the top right corner which will show you number of likes done.
NOTE-While copy pasting the code, some browsers automatically remove the first 2 words from the script. You have to manually type it down.You Have To Type "javascript:" in the start.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Facebook apps maker

Facebook apps maker

New facebook apps maker for beaginner


Monday, 3 December 2012

Facebook shortcut using keyboard

Facebook shortcut using keyboard

1.first open facebook using your browsher
Win & ChromeWin & FirefoxWin & IEOSX & FirefoxOSX & Other
      AltAlt + ShiftAltFunction + CtrlOption + Ctrl per your browsher press that specific key and press the fillowing keys
MOpen a new message *
?Go to the Facebook Search
1Home (News Feed)
2Your profile page
3Friend requests
6Your Account Settings
7Your Privacy Settings
8Go to the Facebook page
9View Facebook Statements and Rights agreement
0Open Facebook help center

CCleaner Professional 3.20.1750

 CCleaner Professional 3.20.1750 - Full Version Free Download


Ccleaner including crack free download

Internet Download Manager 7.11 Preactivated

Internet Download Manager 7.11 Preactivated (Mediafire) Download

Internet Download Manager is a powerful download manager that promises to accelerate downloads by up to 500 percent. In addition, the application can also restart interrupted downloads and integrate into a large number of browsers, including Internet Explorer,Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.
Internet Download Manager’s interface is clean and well-organized, with large, stylish buttons that facilitate the management of the files in process. It is a great organizer too, as every single download can be moved into a different folder, depending on its type. Plus, it has a rich settings menu where you can change the way the program handles certain file formats or the default download locations.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Hitman Absolution with crack

Hitman Absolution with  crack

Hitman: Absolution wallpaper

        Title: Hitman: Absolution™
        Genre: Action
        Developer: IO Interactive
        Publisher: SQUARE ENIX, Eidos Interactive
        Release Date: 19 Nov 2012



Need for Speed: Most Wanted Limited Edition
Race without rules. There’s a start and a finish. The rest is up to you.
The open-world action in Need for Speed Most Wanted gives you the freedom to drive anywhere, discover hidden gameplay, meet up with your friends or just hang out and toy with law enforcement. Lose the cops … your way. Hit jumps and shortcuts, switch cars, lie low or head for terrain that plays to your vehicle’s unique strengths. Hit the gas and fight your way past cops and rivals using pure driving skill, aggression, high-end car tech and tons of nitrous. It’s all about you, your friends and the wildest selection of cars in a heavily policed, urban landscape.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Javascript Code to Invite All Facebook Friends to Like FanPage

Javascript Code to Invite All Facebook Friends to Like FanPage

I just got through searching for ways to invite all my friend (well over 2000) to like my new fan page.

I ran into a few codes that don't work anymore but I just tried this and it works as of 11/12/2011 using Firefox 7.x

With the latest of facebook updates, the old code trick to send invitation to all friends does not work anymore. Moreover, you’ve installed the last Firefox, and you can’t use anymore the url address bar to input javascript commands.

Friday, 30 November 2012

How to Change folder background in Windows 7/vista/xp[without software

 How to Change folder background in Windows 7/vista/xp[without software]

We like to customize folder and drive’s icon, color, view to give it a unique look. What about changing folder background? Usually we use software to do that. But here we’ll change the folder’s background without any software. To do so firstly we should know, what is the “desktop.ini” and how it works?

set background image
Folder Background
Desktop.ini is the file where system assigns the values of icon, info, background image source etc. The folder will gives info about itself or a thumbnail view which has the proper desktop.ini file. It is a hidden system file and it's possible to show by CASE: 2 step: 2 in this article. Nothing to worry about it because the system can automatically create a new one if the file is being damaged or absent. It just needs a reboot of the system.

Earn 180$ per month without doing anything

Hi guys, this is my first topic and I want to share with you a method to gain some money on

Here are some step to do:

1. Register to the site:

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2.b click on View Ads on the top bar to start gaining, once you reach 4$ buy the referall package if you don't want to spend your money.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

How to Speed Up Reliance Netconnect Data Card

How to Speed Up Reliance Netconnect Data Card

 Reliance Data Card Here is Method how to increase or boost Netconnect Reliance Dongle speed.We have lots of 3g data cards available in India with unlimited usage at little higher price but reliance netconnect and BSNL 3g would be a fair choice in terms of speed and coverage. Broadband plans with wire or wireless connections may have one drawback, lack of bandwidth cut down the available speed. It may due to operators decision to avoid overloading the servers. Now, what we can do overwriting ISP settings, certainly not possible to overwrite anything but can optimize. The things we can change from the default to better ones is the TCP/IP settings and DNS servers. STEPS to better internet speed: Tweaking TCP/IP settings. The windows XP or windows7 is installed with default Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU), and TCP receive window and TTL settings. This could be overwrite by some kind of software that enables you to select each option and put a certain value for each. But, this old but well known software can be used to select the appropriate settings for the selected bandwidth.
Reliance data card hack to get 3 mbps speedincrease reliance data card speed from hybrid to HSD
First of all i would like to clear a point that it is not an hack that is cracked from software,but can say it is a mere loopholefrom reliance which is unknown to them and they can fix it as soon as they will find it,but you can enjoy this untill they fix it from their side as i am enjoying since last 20 days.
I remember the day i was figuring around with reliance data card to get high speed without paying for it,but the HSD 3.1 mpbs speedbroadband internet tariff plans are too costly and i have to end up with hybrid(cdma 1x -144kbps) because my monthly budget for internet was low,but always dreaming to get high speed broadband for free,and finally got throughit.

fastest dns for boost your net speed

fastest dns for boost your net speed

guys here are some fastest dns servers to boost your net speed.
Free Public DNS Server
=> Service provider: Google
Google public dns server IP address:
=> Service provider:Dnsadvantage
Dnsadvantage free dns server list:
=> Service provider:OpenDNS

Reliance Smart Free 3G trick with 7.2 mbps speed proxy hacked

Reliance Smart Free 3G trick with 7.2 mbps speed proxy hacked

After many of VPN tricks, Its time to use Free 3G and GPRS through proxies server and DNS. You can use this trick to mobile & computer both with high downloading speed upto 1Mbps and connection speed upto 7.2Mbps. just use the setting given below with zero balance.
Create new connection profile and activate it: (after activate don’t forget to restart your mobile)
proxy Ip-
port- 3127
dns- &
Accespoint- rcommms or mms
Dialing number- *99# (only in computer)

Far Cry 3 Black Box Repack 4.7GB

PC version details

As Far Cry 3's release is closing in on us, here's some extra info on the PC version.
As Far Cry 3 release is closing in on us, we wanted to seize this opportunity to update you on the PC version of the game.

We know that many of you will play the game on PC, and we wanted to highlight a few of the key features that we have brought to this version to ensure an optimal experience.



Hello To All friend today i am going to show you how can you change your drive background color .Which always white .You can change it to more live with your own picture Or Your photo.




Title: Assassin’s Creed® III
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Language: English

Finally, the PC version of the famous game Assassins Creed III with valid SKiDROW released cracking and apple Mghtkhr to download the game to your loved ones will be fine. Here I will introduce a few major features of the game. Here it is also one of the best friends currently living in London, who have put a lot of things to thank for this project.

Hiding in nature
ACIII the years 1753 and 1783 occurring near large cities, a large portion of the game takes place in the wilderness and natural Asttarhay you can do. If tree cover or natural barriers and suddenly attacked the enemy can use to hide.

Walking on Trees
In this game, you can move to the top of the tree and quickly follow anyone. Branches pick it up and you can change the direction or speed Run on stronger branches. Knvy Connor (Connor Kenway) can play the main character as Atzyv (Ezio) and Altayr (Altair) through any obstacle.

Silent Hunter
There are stages in the game and hunt the most dangerous prey targeted Connor is the man! Connor could be a tree with his bow and arrow, the enemy sends out or suddenly landed on his head and kills him with his hidden dagger.

The game's two largest cities: New York and Boston. Boston has a large share of the British flag over it and see the freedom of the city and defeat the British.

Hiding among the people.
ACIII can still be hidden in the crowd, but the trailer we can see that people may be aware of your presence. Hiding among the people is not so reliable, but often you can not hide from enemy sight.

System Requirements
OS: Windows Vista / 7/8
Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel ® Core ™ 2 Quad Q9400
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: 1024 MB DirectX ® 10 compliant with Shader Model 5.0
Hard Drive: 17 GB
RepacK compact version of the game 100% tested

A real war.
The Battle of Bunker Hill actually took place during the Welcome America. Connor must at this stage without a shot being fired in his direction, speed over ground to fight over. However, this situation is very real, but your mission as Connor has really happened.

Many enemies
ACIII bigger and better than anything you've seen before, is. ACIII what we see in front of you is a huge number of enemies, and Connor with a rush in the area, do not forget that Lou identity. This enemy can suddenly attack you and when you can use them towards their goal.

Faster than ever
ACIII skip the hurdles and running faster than before and is much more professional. You can even eat this time Liz. This is just one part of a large Free-Running game.

Hanging with the enemy!
ACIII more variety in combat. You can destroy your enemies with your gun or kill them with an ax or dagger. One of the most interesting methods enemy hanging from a tree. You can toss an enemy into a rope over a tree and pull her so much pain.

Looking for hunting
The goal is to find a special feature on Connor. He could see their footprints. He can use the enemy's footsteps on snow and blood, your goal should be.

ACIII the hunt, but hunting is not so small. Large animals like tigers and they may attack you if you are not careful, your pieces are very comfortable. You can even join the same game hunter camp and get great prizes.

The elders
During the game you shoulder to shoulder great personality like George Washington (George Washington) you will be.

The various
ACIII battle system has improved a lot. You can dodge the enemies or something sweetheart insider attack. You can dodge the enemy and pushing something that would foible of his own sweetheart. The total number of people in an instant, you can fight.

This time, you just can not go on the roof and side of the building. You can also get into the building and make your way to the example of an open window.



Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Username and id for Naughty America

Any one interested in porn website like

here i give u a user id and passward for u...............................................
                               user id and passward

Angry Birds HD Collection 2012 Full Version Free Download

Angry Birds HD Collection 2012 Full Version Free Download

Angry Birds HD Collection 2012 Full Version

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Internet Download Manager Any Version Patch

Internet Download Manager is the best download manager for direct downloads.

This PATCH works on any version, u just install the IDM and click the patch. Whenever you wanted to upgrade IDM, just upgrade it. Then IDM will say >>> fake serial no. Then again PATCH it. that's all. You update IDM and PATCH it. It's working for me over 2 years. Update > Install > Patch

And before I used QUICK HEAL TOTAL SECURITY, and now NORTON SMART SECURITY 5, but that patch file is still there as it was. No harm to computer.

Here's the latest version from their official site. >>>

Here's the PATCH for any version, and upgrades.

                   mirror link to download
*only 62 kb, so you can go to 4shared.

How To Create a Drop Down Menu?
A drop down menu is needed when you have too much content on your blog or you love keeping things organized. To add a drop down menu to your blogger blogs do this:
  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Page Elements
  2. Select a HTML/JavaScript Widget just under the header and paste the following code inside it,