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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

How to Play Need For Speed Most Wanted Online Free – Cracked via Tunngle :


How to Play Need For Speed Most Wanted Online Free – Cracked via Tunngle :


  1. To play NFS MW Online you must have a Tunngle Account which you can get it here for free : Register -> Screenshot 1
  2. After registering with the Account you have to confirm it via email to get access to your account.
  3. Now you have to download Tunngle gaming client which is just 4mb & Completely free : Download -> Screenshot 2
  4. I have given the direct download link in the above point. You can also download it from the site : Download
  5. After downloading the Tunngle client, Install it and login with your account which you have registered just now using points 1 and 2 above.  ->Screenshot 3
  6. After installing the Tunngle client make sure that you can see the network icon along with your LAN in the adapter settings. If the Tunngle client asking you for network access, click on home and give access.
  7. Give permission for the firewall to allow the applications.
  8. You can see a panel opening where you can find some options and menu. Don’t get confused. After starting the client. Click on the Sport which is in left side bar of panel under Network Explorer and go to page 3 in the sport category. You can see Need For Speed Most Wanted game there.  ->Screenshot 4
  9. Now double click on it to open the server and you can see a list of people already playing the game. -> Screenshot 5
  10. Now minimize the Tunngle client and open the NFS MW game in your system.
  11. Click on LAN and you can see a list of people playing the game.  -> Screenshot 6
  12. Join any one of the server and enter your any name there -> Screenshot 7
  13. Now click on sessions match (all any).  -> Screenshot 8
  14. You can see a list of server rooms which are filled and some are empty. Just enter in any one the empty room. -> Screenshot 9
  15. Wait for the game to start and enjoy the game.  -> Screenshot 10
  16. If you are using windows 7 operation system. You cannot join session. You have to create your own session and wait for the players to come there.
  17. Enjoy !

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