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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Javascript Code to Invite All Facebook Friends to Like FanPage

Javascript Code to Invite All Facebook Friends to Like FanPage

I just got through searching for ways to invite all my friend (well over 2000) to like my new fan page.

I ran into a few codes that don't work anymore but I just tried this and it works as of 11/12/2011 using Firefox 7.x

With the latest of facebook updates, the old code trick to send invitation to all friends does not work anymore. Moreover, you’ve installed the last Firefox, and you can’t use anymore the url address bar to input javascript commands.

It was the same for me. But I’ve found this path to invite all your friends to your new fan page, follow this steps.

1) Use Firefox (I used 7.x)

2) Open your facebook fan page.

3) Click on “Invite friends”.

4) The grid of friends is opened.

5) Select “Search all friends” and scroll down, so all your friends are loaded.

6) Press Ctrl+Shift+K (Command + Shift + K on Macs)

7) A firefox panel is opened on the top of the page, here you can put the javascript code (put the two lines in a single line):


for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object'){elms[fid].click();}}

This code will select each friend and perform a click on it.

8) Press “enter”.

9) Wait the selecetion (it could take some minute).

10) Press “submit”

This saved me tons of time because I'm not clicking on 2000+ friends individually..


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