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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Reliance data card hack to get 3 mbps speedincrease reliance data card speed from hybrid to HSD
First of all i would like to clear a point that it is not an hack that is cracked from software,but can say it is a mere loopholefrom reliance which is unknown to them and they can fix it as soon as they will find it,but you can enjoy this untill they fix it from their side as i am enjoying since last 20 days.
I remember the day i was figuring around with reliance data card to get high speed without paying for it,but the HSD 3.1 mpbs speedbroadband internet tariff plans are too costly and i have to end up with hybrid(cdma 1x -144kbps) because my monthly budget for internet was low,but always dreaming to get high speed broadband for free,and finally got throughit.

Pre-Requisite/requirement to get reliance HSD speed are

1) you must have reliance netconnect datacard that supports both hybrid(cdma1x) and HSD(EVDO).

2) though reliance HSD card plans/tariffs are costly and doesnt matchup with student pocket,so you can take any hybrid plans speedof 144 kbps,ensuring that the internet data card supports EVDO too when required.

3) Activate your datacard,check whether it is working fine or not.

4) if working fine go to >> settings then check on button >> use DNS
Put these IPs in DNS and Alternate DNS Field
Alternate DNS -

5) Change mode from Hybrid/CDMA 1x to Broaband plus, Save settings.

6) Now try to Connect , it will get connected which was earlier not connecting because you were having hybrid plan/cdma 1x plan.

7) you might be thinking, that you will be still billed because you are using your phone number to connect to internet,but checkyour download stats in reliance website for your daily usage,their you will be shown with 0 download and 0 upload stats, an you will be still downloading daily,and do not panic about bill as i received my bill 3 days ago andit was charged nominal as usually done, and i have already crossed 10 gb download.

7) now to understand how this whole thing works.
Reliance Data card has been delivered to their sales executive/marketing executive as specimen copy, they have unlimited downloadand speed plan can say they get test reliance data cards which they are not billed for,if you check any salesman datacard, they have settings of DNS placed in their card, the same way i tried and actually it has bypassed mynumber to their test plan server.
Enjoy Browsing !!!!

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