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Friday, 30 November 2012

Earn 180$ per month without doing anything

Hi guys, this is my first topic and I want to share with you a method to gain some money on

Here are some step to do:

1. Register to the site:

2a. Buy 4$ referral package, it last one week (now you have 20 referrall registered above you, you'll gain 20% from ref, so approximately are 6$ every day, you get 20% from it, it means 1.2 $ per day, 8.4$ per week)

2.b click on View Ads on the top bar to start gaining, once you reach 4$ buy the referall package if you don't want to spend your money.

3 Iterate this method to gain 20$, so you can buy the 100 referall package.

4.with 100 means 30$, 20% of 30$ are 6$ per day, that means 180$ per month without doing anything .

thank you for reading, have a nice business :)

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