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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Top 3 Facebook Tricks

Top 3 Facebook Tricks


Want to learn cool and useful facebook tricks? 
Here is list of top 3 facebook hacks , that will teach you a lot new things about facebook! 
Starting from No. 3

3. Create a video of your facebook photos:

Yes..! you read it right, now you can make a video of your Facebook photos with the help of this hasselfree website
Go to 
 and Click on Connect to can use the site's inbuilt function to create awesome videos of your facebook pictures.

2.  How to hide your Profile on facebook

If you want to hide your facebook profile you can do this by..
1). Login to your facebook account 
2). Click on account Settings
3). Locate the Section Privacy under account settings and click on  manage.
4). Under Privacy setting Click on search
5). If you don't want to appear your profile in search engines , then uncheck Public Search Results 
6). If you want that only your Facebook friends can see your profile and other information about you, then choose option friends only.
And its your profile is hidden.

1. Write Upside down Facebook Status 

Last but the best one......
A funny and interesting thing to do and it will surely impress your friends. You can post your fb status upside down....!!
If you want to write upside down facebook status you can use this online free tool ''''
Now copy this text and paste on your status wall.
Hope you likes the trick
please comment....

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