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Friday, 2 November 2012

windows 8 activation

How to Activate Windows 8 Professional


Windows 8 is set to be released this month (October 2012).However we do not have any fixed date.But it is said that Windows 8 Sales will start in October.Computer’s running on the next version of Microsoft's Windows Operating System will go on sale in October.Microsoft announced the time frame for windows 8’s mass-market release in Toronto.A specific sales date in October wasn’t provided.Here's the twist.Genie Land has already posted a link containing the latest windows 8 professional version.Although Microsoft tried it's best to remove the torrent link , Genie Land found a way out.

The keys provided in the torrent are just to install the leaked windows 8 copy. Here's a way to activate it. 

Steps to Activate Windows 8 - Any Version  

1. Disconnect From Internet
2. Open Command Prompt (admin)
3. Copy the key

Try any of these keys:
slmgr -ipk 4TP9N-CTM6K-4RVCH-92C3W-VH3HC
slmgr -ipk QGR4N-78PMD-KCRQ7-83BXT-YG667
slmgr /ipk NYX2F-474CB-WVDH9-B3PKY-MY2K2

slmgr /ipk 2GXQN-924QG-JTRK8-9M2B9-Y7RDD

slmgr /ipk 73NQT-VDRWB-G49RR-CPTT2-XTJXQ
slmgr /ipk 9RJM4-N2MQ8-RW2Q4-3JHKT-J2KT3
slmgr /ipk BCPQN-QB33K-JH9H4-CF9VM-BBFDD
slmgr /ipk FB4WR-32NVD-4RW79-XQFWH-CYQG3
slmgr /ipk KN9W4-W3C7Q-M7Q93-V2QY6-J2KT3
slmgr /ipk NRFPP-JMBJ4-K9YQ6-3HG2V-FJMQD

4. Paste the key on Command Prompt (right click and paste)
5. Go to Activate Windows Now
6. Click "Activate by Phone"
7. Choose United States
8. Use another computer to call that number with Skype or use your Phone.
9. An Answer Machine will answer and you just have to follow the instructions.

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