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Sunday, 4 November 2012

How to use Pendrive as a Ram on your PC

How to use Pendrive as a Ram on your PC

                             For windowXP:
Step 1 : Go to Start Menu > My Computer now right click on it , select properties option . Now you will see the proprieties window on your desktop .

Step 2 : In 
properties box go to Advanced Tab > Settings Of Performance Section . Now a new pop up window will be open named as “ Performance Options ” .

Step 3 : In Performance Options Box go to Advanced Tab >Now click on “Change” Button that appears on virtual memory section . Again a new box will be open named as “ Virtual Memory ” .

Step 4 : you will get details of your virtual memory in this box , in this box you need to select and set your USB Flash drive as Virtual memory .

Select USB Flash Drive > Click on custom size > give free space values as you want that available in your USB drive . Now click on “Set ” then Apply your Settings .

Its time to reboot your system , kindly re-start your computer now . Now you will notice the change in speed and performance of your computer .

Note: Make sure your pendrive always connected to your computer USB port .
And if you eject your Pen Drive from PC then is it turn to the main Ram.


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